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  • icon-globe Researching Ideal Investments
    The NNN Crowd identifies income producing net-leased properties that match the investor’s desired criteria.  We then offer our investors the opportunity to buy shares in that property.  The investor has...
  • icon-graph Crowdfunding Strategies
    Learn How to Incorporate Crowdfunding in your investment strategy. Net Lease Commercial Properties.  “Net Lease” is a term used to signify a lease structure in which the tenant or lessee...

About The NNN Crowd

National commercial real estate

The NNN Crowd is a national commercial real estate company that specializes in the acquisition and sale of income producing net leased properties. We creatively utilize our capital, crowd-funding and syndication to allow investors to buy highly valued income producing properties with reduced costs and to maximize profits for property sellers.

Investor Services

Commercial real estate investors

Unlike other companies, The NNN Crowd is able to sell property at a price pre-determined by the owner. Once an owner of a net leased property indicates a desire to sell using our crowd-funding process, The NNN Crowd evaluates the property and negotiates a sales price. After exercising due diligence, shares in the property are offered to our investors at the negotiated sales price. The seller gets the benefit of a cash transaction at maximum value.

Available Properties

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We provide investors the benefit of acquiring interest in highly valued, income producing property, at a lower cost and with reduced risk. Investors pre-register with The NNN Crowd. Investors tell us: What types of net leased properties they would like to acquire? The locations they prefer to invest in i.e, secondary markets or primary markets. What is their tenant preference, i.e. retail, office, industrial? What is their minimum rate of return?